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Date of Birth: July 18th 1987
From: Aichi prefecture Japan / Georgia USA
Language: Japanese / English / Spanish / Chinese
Blood type: A
Size: T173cm・B98・W80・H87・S27.5
Special skill: Dance, Singing, Rock Climbing, Ukulele, Hosting English Communication Workshop
Qualification: TOEIC 980
Step Test in practical English proficiency Pre-First grade
Simultaneous Interpreting Contest First place (held by KY Trade Co.Ltd.)

~Major Interpreting experiences~

Broadway Musical "Chicago" Dance Work Shop
JETRO London Office

Simultaneous Interpreting
The University of Tokyo・English Speech Contest
Keio University・Astronaut Akihiko Hoshida Speech

Lived in Georgia・America from the age of 5 to 11 during the Atlanta Olympics in 1996.

Currently majoring Applied Physics at Waseda University.
Studied Social Entrepreneurship at University of Westminster in 2009.

Worked as an interpreter at JETRO (Japan External Trading Organization) London office.

Acting is his passion now.